Monday, 12 December 2011

(Long over due) Update

Hello Everyone,

So first off it's been pointed out to me that I've completely failed to post anything recently. But it does not mean that I have not been doing anything! Though it's probably not as much as I would have hoped to have done by this point.

I'll also immediately apologise for the quality of these photo's, my lamps broken & I have a rubbish camera. I promise to take better photos once I have better light


First off my bike has itself a rider. The legs are taken from a CSM biker with the banding filed off. He has a head from a SW & a BA's arm. I have to add a tactical arrow to his left shoulder pad still, as well to finish off his head & one of his hands (the original went AWOL)

Tactical Squad

These are mainly made from Tactical box set & the SW box set. But there's also an arm from the Sanguinary Guard, a BT head, a couple of CSM heads and bits. I also tried to sculpt some straps for some of the bolters after being inspired by a post over on the White Scars Army blog (I'll edit it to say whose post it was once I've got round to looking it up). As you can see I've tried to avoid the standard Sm pose, I did start to make one Marine in that pose, but couldn't bring myself to finish him.

Scout Bikes

Ever since I read the Hunt for Voldorius, where a grizzled old veteran scout sergeant was depicted I knew I had to include a unit of scouts. The only question was which type. I was tempted by a unit of sniper scouts (and I still am, may have to one of those as well..), but it was the story from which I took my Khan that decided it (I'll go into details about this later). Having settled on Scout bikes, I'm planning to have a small squad of three, and a teleporter homer (this will hopefully become clear in time). I've got two so far, including my grizzled sergeant. The idea is that the bikes will be over looking the battle field, while the sergeant instructs his charges on the techniques being displayed by the rest of the force. In order to mark out the sergeant a bit he has a marine torso (he is after all a fully fledged marine with Black Carapace). This should hopefully be enough to mark him out as different without making him too heavily armoured for his 4+ save. The other scout has been assembled normally.

Sneak Peak
I'll tell you all a little more about this one when he's progressed a little further...

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