Friday, 25 February 2011

First Post

Hello Everyone,

This is an opening post, no models yet, though I hope to have my first WIP up within a week or so.

I'm planning on taking my time with each model, working one by one, converting each one before then painting it, & then moving onto the next model, so this will probably be a long term project. I'm hoping that it will push my painting & sculpting skills to beyond their limits.

I'm hoping to go with the background. I'll be using Space Wolves parts for furs, teeth, horse tails & skulls. For the power weapons I'll be using scimitars & lances. I'll be using some of the White Scars parts, but also some from the Howling Banshees models.

You can see my colour scheme for them at the top of the page. I plan to add the honour markings to models after they've done something impressive during a game, though some will have them already. for bare heads I'll mostly use the SW's ones, with black hair, going for a more asian skin tone, as well as adding scars. I'll also try to add lightning bolts to the models, on the chest, wargear, etc.

There will also be a WIP over at CMON, which you can find here