Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Brother Khorus

This is the first of one of my more involved conversions. Only one SW part on this guy, the arm holding the auspex, well actually so's the other arm, it was the one holding the sword as I wanted that angle on it, the hand is from the CSM havocs box, with the spike removed. The heads from the CSM bike. The method I used to make the bolter strap was taken from the White Scars Blog (links on the side). Re-used a helmet for this marine, but as It was going to be on the belt I figured I could get away with it. From the outset I knew I wanted a marine with an Auspex guiding his brothers in this squad. I also added some script on the purity seal, but I haven't done the wax on the seal yet, so I'll get a picture of that later.

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