Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas

So I hope everyone had a great Christmas. As a 'treat' I'm gonna post the rest of the tactical Squad that have paint on them to date (the rest have been assembled but are awaiting undercoats.

Brother Yunkai

So for this marine I went for the classic grenade throw pose. Still need to do a bit of work on the strap where it connects to the gun as well as general touching up etc. The outstretched hand comes from
the missile launcher supporting hand (this is a really
useful hand, wish they were more freely available!), and apart from the SW head he pretty much a standard marine.

Brother Does Not Appear in this Post

Went for a reloading pose. not to sure about his right hand, may have to switch it out for another. I think this is the first Marine without any SW parts. The heads from the BT sprues, the horse
tail charm comes from a CSM chainsword. And I really should put some honour marks on the left of some of these helmets, they all seem to be on the right hand side... And I've just realised I have no pictures of this guy.

So here's a bike instead!

The front of the bikes from the CSM one, heads from a SW, & the arms from a BA! The legs are also from the CSM set, with the banding filed off

Land Speeder

'Tis Christmas after all!

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