Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ok, time for a few pics. First of all I'd like to state that these are WIP's and no way finished, and secondly I'd like to apoligise for the poor pic quality.


So I want to add a bit of variety to my bike squads, this was a way of testing a couple of ideas. The first thing you'll notice is that the front wheel cover is gone, simply done by sawing off the front the of the Loyalist Marine bike & replacing it with the spokes etc from the Chaos bike. Also replaced the bolters (which I've never liked on the bikes) with ones adapted from the standard infantry bolters which are bulkier look like they pack m
ore of a punch. Couple of things I've noticed about this, first of all I'm thinking that in future I'll be filling in the grips with green stuff to make them smooth, & second I want to try & sculpt on ammo feeders similar to the ones on the bikes bolters.

Power Lance
Simple conversion here. The blade is from the Jain Zar weapon, the power stuff & grip are from thunder hammers, plus a little rod n a wolf tail from the space wolf pack & I have the relic blade for my khan. Yes I know it's not straight in this pic, but that has been sorted, also a cable has been added from the junction on the shaft to the back of box next to the blade.

let me know what you think, more pics soon!


Stillfrosty said...

Hey dude, would you be interested in showing off your conversions and talking about how you have been building up your army on my White Scars blog? I am a huge fan of your power lance conversion and I love the modified bikes. If you want I could make you an author and you can help out the cause. Let me know what you think.

JesterzUSMC said...

When will I get my Cookie Cutter?