Thursday, 23 February 2012

Garro: Sword of Truth Cover Art

So, no WIP post today (though I have been working on my Apothecary), but I thought I'd share this new artwork with you.

And the marine on the left is clearly a WS, who is set to be the first White Scar character in the series (and looks bad ass) Though why a son of Khan is running around with a bunch of guys from traitor legions is interesting, personally I cant wait to listen to this, though I'm still lagging way behind on Fulgrim, so it may be a while..

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kergis Khan (Part 2, Wrath of Khan)

Ok, so I suppose the first thing I have to do is apologise for the title of this post..

Anyway, picture time kiddies! Sorry for the bad picture quality, but you should get the gist of what I'm going for. The basic idea is a captain (Khan) on bike, with a relic weapon, in this case a power spear.

The spear is a relatively easy conversion. The blade coming from the Jain Zar Phoenix Warrior, the power generator is from a thunder hammer, a horse (Okay its a wolf one really) from the SW box, and then plastic rod for the handle.

Backpacks from the DA's box, torso is SW's with a lightning bolt added, heads from the SM Commander box set, with a SW top knot.

The right shoulder pad is supposed to be Kergis' own heraldry.

The fur on the back is his cloak, which he's taken off while he's on his back,
and I will be adding a few extra
gubbins on the back of the bike, including helmet etc.

The Horse parts are from Wood Elf elven steeds, as I had some spare, may have to redo the green stuff on the right side (it got a bit squashed), and I still have to add his banner (again will have his heraldry on it). I think that's it for now, any questions, pop them in below

Friday, 17 February 2012

Kergis Khan

So I'm currently working on my Khan model. Well he's based on a Character from 'Hunt for Voldorius' & 'Legends of Space Marine'. I'm aiming to further his story, where he's been promoted to Captain of the 4th Brotherhood. This is for him on his bike, but I fully intend to have versions of him on foot & in terminator armour. I actually started him a couple of months ago, but Kind of hit the wall with him and he was set aside for quite a while.

That was until I came across a couple of things recently, which have inspired me

The White Jaw of the Khan

This was a video that was featured over on the White Scars blog, and is linked to here

Now needless to say, but this is awesome, insane & I can't wait for it to be finished. Now I knew I wanted to modify my bike, and I had done some minor work, but nothing unsubstantial. But this gave me the idea for the front of his bike, to try and convey the whole bike/steed idea (and also gave me an idea for a Moondraken conversion!)

Metal Apostles Khan

If you're not on Bolter & Chainsword, or just haven't seen Metal Apostles Scars I suggest you go have a look now.

Anyway, it's awesome, while I'm not a fan of the 'Chopper' look, I like how he's used Hunter Killers for the forks.

But what I really like are the exhausts & the front wheel cover & the extra stowage on the back. The flag is also the same(well nearly) as what I plan to do.

Anyway, pictures will be up tomorrow!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Land Speeder, Tactical Squad, Storm Seer & Apothecary

Tactical Squad

Not much info, but some update pics for you all

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas

So I hope everyone had a great Christmas. As a 'treat' I'm gonna post the rest of the tactical Squad that have paint on them to date (the rest have been assembled but are awaiting undercoats.

Brother Yunkai

So for this marine I went for the classic grenade throw pose. Still need to do a bit of work on the strap where it connects to the gun as well as general touching up etc. The outstretched hand comes from
the missile launcher supporting hand (this is a really
useful hand, wish they were more freely available!), and apart from the SW head he pretty much a standard marine.

Brother Does Not Appear in this Post

Went for a reloading pose. not to sure about his right hand, may have to switch it out for another. I think this is the first Marine without any SW parts. The heads from the BT sprues, the horse
tail charm comes from a CSM chainsword. And I really should put some honour marks on the left of some of these helmets, they all seem to be on the right hand side... And I've just realised I have no pictures of this guy.

So here's a bike instead!

The front of the bikes from the CSM one, heads from a SW, & the arms from a BA! The legs are also from the CSM set, with the banding filed off

Land Speeder

'Tis Christmas after all!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Brother Khorus

This is the first of one of my more involved conversions. Only one SW part on this guy, the arm holding the auspex, well actually so's the other arm, it was the one holding the sword as I wanted that angle on it, the hand is from the CSM havocs box, with the spike removed. The heads from the CSM bike. The method I used to make the bolter strap was taken from the White Scars Blog (links on the side). Re-used a helmet for this marine, but as It was going to be on the belt I figured I could get away with it. From the outset I knew I wanted a marine with an Auspex guiding his brothers in this squad. I also added some script on the purity seal, but I haven't done the wax on the seal yet, so I'll get a picture of that later.