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Curse of the Something     

<    · Rendog (Rd)
      · Real Gox (rg)
      ·  MudDog (md)
      · Woody Woodog (ww)
<    · Emily Froghurst – The Biologist (EF)
<    · King Chuco Itltli (k..)
<    · Kings Daughter Jamilta Itltli (kd)
<    · High Priest Mapastun (hp)
<    · Dying miner Almir Rolland (dm)
<    · Acolyte Huimaxjuyu
<    · City temple priest Tolcxi

      ·  Mole Hole (mh) – Same as standard mh, with golem defences, and extra caves under the mh. Caves include mine shaft, with a cave hidden behind a waterfall leading to a walled off temple which contains an altar where the stolen relic used to rest.
      ·  Indigenous City Tica Chati (ic) – in the style of Inca/Myan/generic south American civilisations. Should have a wall, a palace, a pyramid temple, houses & other generic buildings you’d expect to find in a city (could be a potential hunger games platform in future)
      · Valley of the gods (vp) – a jungle valley with multiple pyramids, and one large pyramid. The large central pyramid needs to have lots of traps, maze (possibly a shifting maze using redstone & sticky pistons :D),  a relatively large central chamber, and directly under the peak will be a spherical chamber containing the world engine (this will be the adventures finally) with a shaft leading up to the peak of the pyramid, revealed by sticky pistons.

      · Rd is exploring the jungle near the lake villa when he finds ef being attacked by pigmen in native warriors (nw) textures. Rd rescues ef with the aid of rg. She asks him if knows of anywhere safe nearby where she can recover from the shock of being attacked.
      · Returns to the lv, only to be attacked by more native peoples, the ‘..............?’. rd, rg & ef defend the lv as long as they can before they get overrun & are forced to retreat to the mh.
      · They defend  the mh as long as they can, try to implement a defence system but it’s soon beaten. Md & woody come to their aid.
      · After they have repelled the attackthey capture the indigenous peoples captain, who accusses them of stealing a relic of great power & great evil from its temple hidden in the caves beneath the mh. They tell him they don’t know what he’s talking about & don’t have the relic. They then let him go to take the message home to his king.
      · They decide to go looking for the temple under the mh. In the caves they find evidence of a mining expedition from the NPC village. They follow the signs & discover the body of a dead miner and another miner near death.
      · The miner tells them of a group of strange looking men, lead by a masked man in robes & an ornate head dress, that came out of a cave hidden behind a waterfall. They attacked them with the masked man shooting beams out of his eyes that seemed to melt the flesh from the bones. The miner then dies.
<    · After rg remarks on why the eyes of the dead miners skull are glowing red, the skeleton re-animates and attacks the group
      · Following the trail of blood, they find the waterfall & the cave. Within are a series of traps etc that lead to the alter room where the relic was kept. In the room they find a priest acolyte, he tells them that he tried to stand up to the hp & when he did, the hp stabbed them. He says they have to hurry and stop him before it’s too late, he tells them that the mask has terrible powers, as a weapon it can inflict terrible deaths and it can also take over the willpower of a person, turning them into the bearers willing slaves, no better than zombies. But worse than that he has something more in mind with it.
      · Taking the knife of the hp to the ‘...........?’ city Tica Chati.
      · They are brought before the King after being stripped of their weapons by the city guard. Rd etc tell the king of the hp plans, until they get the guards to show them the hp’s dagger with which he stabbed the acolyte.
      · The king takes them to the city temple to bring their accusations to the hp. At the temple they are confronted by a priest, following a short argument with the king the priest unveils that the hp has gone to the sacred valley of the gods and then turns the zombified temple guards on them.
      · After fighting their way through to the priest, past temple guards and more traps. The priest refuses to tell them where the valley of the gods is, before the king comes up, calls him a traitor and kills him.
      · The Kings daughter Jamilta agrees to take us to the Valley of the Gods, while the king says he’ll follow with more forces.
      · Rd etc arrive at the valley of the gods, to be confronted by guards & more traps. Eventually arriving at the central chamber of the main pyramid, where the hp monologues (he’s going to combine the relic with his world engine to extend its powers and enslave the whole world!) his evil plans, before unleashing a massive wave of zombie guards.
      · Just as our heroes are about to be overwhelmed the king arrives to save the day. The hp reveals one last betrayal. The kings life extending potions were actually slowly poisoning him, timing it to take effect right about... now.
      · As the king succumbs to the poison, the hp escapes through a secret passage to the world engine.
      · Rd then has to destroy the world engine, grab the relic and save the world before the moon reaches its peak.
      · After saving the world he heads back to find the king dying in his daughters arms. Before he dies, they form a truce with the king and the daughter to safeguard the relic and to prevent it from ever falling into the wrong hands again.
      · The end.......?