Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas

So I hope everyone had a great Christmas. As a 'treat' I'm gonna post the rest of the tactical Squad that have paint on them to date (the rest have been assembled but are awaiting undercoats.

Brother Yunkai

So for this marine I went for the classic grenade throw pose. Still need to do a bit of work on the strap where it connects to the gun as well as general touching up etc. The outstretched hand comes from
the missile launcher supporting hand (this is a really
useful hand, wish they were more freely available!), and apart from the SW head he pretty much a standard marine.

Brother Does Not Appear in this Post

Went for a reloading pose. not to sure about his right hand, may have to switch it out for another. I think this is the first Marine without any SW parts. The heads from the BT sprues, the horse
tail charm comes from a CSM chainsword. And I really should put some honour marks on the left of some of these helmets, they all seem to be on the right hand side... And I've just realised I have no pictures of this guy.

So here's a bike instead!

The front of the bikes from the CSM one, heads from a SW, & the arms from a BA! The legs are also from the CSM set, with the banding filed off

Land Speeder

'Tis Christmas after all!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Brother Khorus

This is the first of one of my more involved conversions. Only one SW part on this guy, the arm holding the auspex, well actually so's the other arm, it was the one holding the sword as I wanted that angle on it, the hand is from the CSM havocs box, with the spike removed. The heads from the CSM bike. The method I used to make the bolter strap was taken from the White Scars Blog (links on the side). Re-used a helmet for this marine, but as It was going to be on the belt I figured I could get away with it. From the outset I knew I wanted a marine with an Auspex guiding his brothers in this squad. I also added some script on the purity seal, but I haven't done the wax on the seal yet, so I'll get a picture of that later.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Squad Markings

As you can see todays post is a bit of background. These are the Squad Markings I've planned to use in my Brotherhood. The markings are going on the left knee pad/greave, as can be seen on my first two Scars I've posted over the last couple of days. I tried to base it off lightning as much as possible, but I also included the tri-peaks that forms part of Kergis's heraldry (more on that later) in the 4th & 5th squads.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Brother Vaashu

Fairly standard marine, with SW legs, plasma gun & arms, and the chest plate is actually a SW one from the old accessory spure. again still some work to do, but he is one of my favourites so far.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Veteran Sergeant Tro'kus

First of the 5th Tactical Squad of Brotherhood Kergis. He has a lot a of Space Wolves parts, including the legs, right arm and shoulder pad, cloak & head. I wasn't going to use the wolf cloak until I read Hunt for Voldorius, where it clearly stated that Kor’sarro Khan's cloak was a wolfskins, so I went ahead with using it without any hesitation. There's still a fair bit of work to do on him, the white needs a bit of touching up, the gold needs finishing, fur needs another highlight yet, and the head needs a lot of work, & the knife needs to be painted.

Monday, 12 December 2011

(Long over due) Update

Hello Everyone,

So first off it's been pointed out to me that I've completely failed to post anything recently. But it does not mean that I have not been doing anything! Though it's probably not as much as I would have hoped to have done by this point.

I'll also immediately apologise for the quality of these photo's, my lamps broken & I have a rubbish camera. I promise to take better photos once I have better light


First off my bike has itself a rider. The legs are taken from a CSM biker with the banding filed off. He has a head from a SW & a BA's arm. I have to add a tactical arrow to his left shoulder pad still, as well to finish off his head & one of his hands (the original went AWOL)

Tactical Squad

These are mainly made from Tactical box set & the SW box set. But there's also an arm from the Sanguinary Guard, a BT head, a couple of CSM heads and bits. I also tried to sculpt some straps for some of the bolters after being inspired by a post over on the White Scars Army blog (I'll edit it to say whose post it was once I've got round to looking it up). As you can see I've tried to avoid the standard Sm pose, I did start to make one Marine in that pose, but couldn't bring myself to finish him.

Scout Bikes

Ever since I read the Hunt for Voldorius, where a grizzled old veteran scout sergeant was depicted I knew I had to include a unit of scouts. The only question was which type. I was tempted by a unit of sniper scouts (and I still am, may have to one of those as well..), but it was the story from which I took my Khan that decided it (I'll go into details about this later). Having settled on Scout bikes, I'm planning to have a small squad of three, and a teleporter homer (this will hopefully become clear in time). I've got two so far, including my grizzled sergeant. The idea is that the bikes will be over looking the battle field, while the sergeant instructs his charges on the techniques being displayed by the rest of the force. In order to mark out the sergeant a bit he has a marine torso (he is after all a fully fledged marine with Black Carapace). This should hopefully be enough to mark him out as different without making him too heavily armoured for his 4+ save. The other scout has been assembled normally.

Sneak Peak
I'll tell you all a little more about this one when he's progressed a little further...

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ok, time for a few pics. First of all I'd like to state that these are WIP's and no way finished, and secondly I'd like to apoligise for the poor pic quality.


So I want to add a bit of variety to my bike squads, this was a way of testing a couple of ideas. The first thing you'll notice is that the front wheel cover is gone, simply done by sawing off the front the of the Loyalist Marine bike & replacing it with the spokes etc from the Chaos bike. Also replaced the bolters (which I've never liked on the bikes) with ones adapted from the standard infantry bolters which are bulkier look like they pack m
ore of a punch. Couple of things I've noticed about this, first of all I'm thinking that in future I'll be filling in the grips with green stuff to make them smooth, & second I want to try & sculpt on ammo feeders similar to the ones on the bikes bolters.

Power Lance
Simple conversion here. The blade is from the Jain Zar weapon, the power stuff & grip are from thunder hammers, plus a little rod n a wolf tail from the space wolf pack & I have the relic blade for my khan. Yes I know it's not straight in this pic, but that has been sorted, also a cable has been added from the junction on the shaft to the back of box next to the blade.

let me know what you think, more pics soon!

Friday, 25 February 2011

First Post

Hello Everyone,

This is an opening post, no models yet, though I hope to have my first WIP up within a week or so.

I'm planning on taking my time with each model, working one by one, converting each one before then painting it, & then moving onto the next model, so this will probably be a long term project. I'm hoping that it will push my painting & sculpting skills to beyond their limits.

I'm hoping to go with the background. I'll be using Space Wolves parts for furs, teeth, horse tails & skulls. For the power weapons I'll be using scimitars & lances. I'll be using some of the White Scars parts, but also some from the Howling Banshees models.

You can see my colour scheme for them at the top of the page. I plan to add the honour markings to models after they've done something impressive during a game, though some will have them already. for bare heads I'll mostly use the SW's ones, with black hair, going for a more asian skin tone, as well as adding scars. I'll also try to add lightning bolts to the models, on the chest, wargear, etc.

There will also be a WIP over at CMON, which you can find here