Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kergis Khan (Part 2, Wrath of Khan)

Ok, so I suppose the first thing I have to do is apologise for the title of this post..

Anyway, picture time kiddies! Sorry for the bad picture quality, but you should get the gist of what I'm going for. The basic idea is a captain (Khan) on bike, with a relic weapon, in this case a power spear.

The spear is a relatively easy conversion. The blade coming from the Jain Zar Phoenix Warrior, the power generator is from a thunder hammer, a horse (Okay its a wolf one really) from the SW box, and then plastic rod for the handle.

Backpacks from the DA's box, torso is SW's with a lightning bolt added, heads from the SM Commander box set, with a SW top knot.

The right shoulder pad is supposed to be Kergis' own heraldry.

The fur on the back is his cloak, which he's taken off while he's on his back,
and I will be adding a few extra
gubbins on the back of the bike, including helmet etc.

The Horse parts are from Wood Elf elven steeds, as I had some spare, may have to redo the green stuff on the right side (it got a bit squashed), and I still have to add his banner (again will have his heraldry on it). I think that's it for now, any questions, pop them in below

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Anonymous said...

Your army and conversions are great! Any plans to continue the blog?