Friday, 17 February 2012

Kergis Khan

So I'm currently working on my Khan model. Well he's based on a Character from 'Hunt for Voldorius' & 'Legends of Space Marine'. I'm aiming to further his story, where he's been promoted to Captain of the 4th Brotherhood. This is for him on his bike, but I fully intend to have versions of him on foot & in terminator armour. I actually started him a couple of months ago, but Kind of hit the wall with him and he was set aside for quite a while.

That was until I came across a couple of things recently, which have inspired me

The White Jaw of the Khan

This was a video that was featured over on the White Scars blog, and is linked to here

Now needless to say, but this is awesome, insane & I can't wait for it to be finished. Now I knew I wanted to modify my bike, and I had done some minor work, but nothing unsubstantial. But this gave me the idea for the front of his bike, to try and convey the whole bike/steed idea (and also gave me an idea for a Moondraken conversion!)

Metal Apostles Khan

If you're not on Bolter & Chainsword, or just haven't seen Metal Apostles Scars I suggest you go have a look now.

Anyway, it's awesome, while I'm not a fan of the 'Chopper' look, I like how he's used Hunter Killers for the forks.

But what I really like are the exhausts & the front wheel cover & the extra stowage on the back. The flag is also the same(well nearly) as what I plan to do.

Anyway, pictures will be up tomorrow!

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Stillfrosty said...


Would you mind putting Apostle in contact with me, I would love to show off his White Scars on my blog.

I also look forward to your version of the KHAN!!! Did you see a few posts back I have a tactical marine of yours up there!